Monday, July 03, 2006


Hi everybody,
Finally I’m writing about IITG. This post will be more of a general post about IITG. So this will not be a post presenting my life here or about my training (Of course I’ll write about that too). But this will be more of an insight to this lovely place & will be exploring it geographically. Chalo I’m starting it now.

IITG is located near to India’s widest river ‘Brahmaputra’ – a small sea in itself. It takes 45 minutes to reach at campus from city via readily available buses that work only for IIT purpose. But another exciting way to get there is via Ferry. Ferry gives you the chance to travel via ‘Brahmaputra’ & takes 13-15 min of wonderful journey to reach Ferri ghat & 10 min from there to IITG. The campus of IITG is a huge one, consiting of many buildings & roads connecting them. All the buildings here are fully AC through a centralized AC system… Tell u what it consumes hell lot of electricity…
The sight of whole IITG is beautiful because it has small hills & lots of greenery surrounding it, which has soothing effect on your whole mind. Daman don’t worry I have clicked some pics…Sufficient enough for you to see….

The hostels.

The most weird thing about the hostels, is their names e.g. ‘Kapili’, ’Manhas’, ’Siang’ etc etc… Here the rooms that are allotted to students are single sitter ones unlike the ones at Thapar. Every room is equipped with a chair, table, bed, cupboard etc etc… and how can I forget to mention the LAN & Internet connection in each & every room… the awesome thing…. Puri aish…Another special thing that need the attention is the number of creatures excluding human beings… cockroaches were the predominant ones along with other weird ones.
Now coming to the mess - food quality is ok with a good mess staff but still the repetition is too much. All time they have one permanent thing sambhar & rice… Breakfast stuff is ok. The hostels are also having common room, TV room, PCO & a canteen – That can save one from repeated food. These were main highlights of the hostels.

Computer center & library of IITG.
The computer center (CC) & library have been made in a separate huge building. There are more than 200 PC’s in CC. PCs are of a very good configuration too. Each one having a LCD screen, DVD combo, P4 processor & 512 mb RAM… Cool na… Yes after all it’s an IIT. The best thing about CC is that it is open till 1 o’clock at night.
Exactly opposite to CC is library. Library is also a huge one & is having large number of books on wide variety of topics including art books as well. Two PCs are there for search purposes… Rest I don’t know much because I seldom go to that portion of building.

Other buildings
One more special thing about IITG is the number of buildings in campus. Each department has a different building connected by corridors, which seems to be never ending. You see, here u have to walk a lot even with in academic building(s). Chalo good for some people… even for me because I have forgotten the long 2-3 km walking that I used to do in Himachal but now got used to it. There is a separate administration building as well that too a big one. So there are no space problems here. 2-3 buildings are under construction & one of them a 1000 sitter audi…. Aah remembering the one at Thapar. Cant compare the two actually because here Govt funding is there.
Another distinct building is the one situated on a hill. Like that of bhoot bangla..Joking. That is actually Director bungalow.
Another special feature here is a small military camp… The military post always has one soldier in position with machine gun… for security purposes…
There is a village called ‘Amin gaon’ near to IITG. There is a small market… Nothing big but still sufficient… One thing I can assure u that you’ll get very good pineapples & coconut water there….
Well that is all what I have seen up to now in this lovely place…there may be a possibility that still many things might have been left to explore… Hmmm… still 7-8 days are there may be then I’ll edit this post.

Actually there is a lot to write about people here, city & of course about life here. Hope to write that soon.