Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Some Memories

Hey blog....
I'm back.
It was another semester at TIET full of fun. Watched hell lot of movies... Had arguments with institute administration.. Learnt a lot of things.... Really some of them changed my thinking... Hmmm... Life goes on & now i'm going to Mumbai for Project semester... I hope i'll learn a lot from Mumbai... It will be fun.

Now coming to these images.. Well, i promised that i'll write more about Guwahati.. But i was just fed up of using net.. So now when i'm back, these 2 images will sum up Guwahati and my trip to Shilong & Chirapunjee.. The first one is showing some natural beauty.. and the second one is having some of the best photgraphs having me (2nd) with my friends Amarpreet (1st) & Kamaldeep (centre)... The two days of trip to shilong & chirapunjee were really amazing.. Undoubtly the most happening days of my life during Summer Training..

Thats all for this post.. Next update will be from Mumbai..

PS: Thanks to Picasa (collage making)... and Daman at last you have something to see from Guwahati...