Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Trip to RDB Fort..

Hi blog,

What a trip it was.. first of this type in my life.. Credit must go to chaman for his idea.

It was Sunday and everything was planned.. Eight of us, (AP, Kiran, mridul,kamal, chman, pappu, ramneet and me), left for RDB fort on bikes and in my case scooter. Well, i never had the experience of driving on highways and that too of around 150 km on a round trip. But it was totally fun. The fast driving of highway has a thrill of its own.

RDB fort was good. We clicked hell lot of pictures from mridul's digicam and from my k790i. After exhausting every corner of fort, We visited Gurudwara sahib near fort and langer tea there, was very refreshing. We also visited Mcdonald and Floating restaurant. The burger at Mcdonald was really tasty. I also had the opportunity of driving Karizma and CBZ extreme on the way back and both bikes were really good. For the first time in my life, i drove at the speed of 100 kph. It was totally thrilling. The trip was really-2 awesome and we had a lot of fun.

PS:- Biotech Rockzz.....

Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Butterfly Effect & The Chaos Theory

Hi blog,

"The Butterfly Effect" - Yeah, it was the movie shown by Thapar Movie Club today. The movie was totally confusing one and the voice system of C-Hall added with a bad print of movie made the matters worse. But still, I understood the movie because of Kamal, guys discussing movie at end and Wikipedia (It rockz). And now after fully realizing the movie plot and concept, i feel like appreciating it. The concept was mind boggling.

Tagline of Movie: Change one thing, change everything.

The Butterfly Effect is a story of an extra ordinary boy which can go in his past black outs and change the course of events in those blackouts. And these changes further effect the outcome of his life. Whenever he changes an event, a new time line presents him with an entirely different life. He changes the events to suit the best life but end up in a life of some trouble or the other. And at last, he succeeds in striking a balance in life but he has to scarifice something he desires most. After that he destroys all the ways from which he can travel in past and accepts the life he has got in last time line.

Now let me come to The Chaos theory Part:

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world - The Chaos Theory.

Actually, in a chaotic system the smallest variation in input can have an enormous impact on the output. And this is the most interested thing that is applied in the movie. The smallest change in a blackout event causes total life change of characters in movie putting them in different time lines. That goes to sure that sometime certain important event can change the course of life and it is something that one can take away from movie.

Apart from chaos theory, movie also gives a very simple lesson that one cant have everything in life and sometimes, we have to make certain decisions, certain sacrifices.

Overall, it was a good movie if you understand it (which takes time). But it could have been far better. Especially, the part dealing with revival of time lines.

My rating: 7.9/10
Imdb rating: 7.7/10

Bye blog.

PS:- It was another good day in placement scenario for Biotech as 4 more students were placed (in HCL). Our Gang is almost placed. I'm very happy for all of my friends which are placed and do hope that others will get placement soon. After all, Thapar has got some brand name in market...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mission TCS Accomplished...

Hi blog...

I'm to used to saying this but I'll have to say it again.... "Its been a long time since my last post"... But this time I've excuses.. 1st I was busy and too occupied in placement work to write and 2nd (more importantly) i was not having a net connection at home.. Anyways, now I've got DATAONE and a placement.. Total tension free for a few days... Now let me start writing about the Mission TCS...

1st aug, 2007 -- TCS was coming for campus placement. I was happy because it was a very good growth oriented IT company and i wanted to reserve a seat in it. The placement process was divided in written tests and interviews. Career launcher took care of the interview part and i was confident for the interview but it was written test that was haunting me. So i along with suneet and Deepi started preparing for it. I started missing classes, labs just for placement. Prepared for the Quant section from old TCS papers... Did some GRE high frequency words... And also got Barrons 12th edition model test papers for analytical reasoning (it is widely known that TCS analytical papers come from that only). But preparation was more of an illusion as i had not completed reasoning section.

And then came 1st august, and see how luck favors the blogger, the test for Biotech was postponed to 2nd august and i was extremely happy. Me and suneet went to library and started doing model test papers and everything went great till 1:10 pm and then i got a call from CILP office. I was asked to report to CILP office and the test for top 10 students from Biotech was to start in half an hour or so (my rank is 2nd in the class). I was shocked, broken and what not.. and then luck again favors the blogger, a call came in CILP from somebody (I dont know my saviour) and the program was cancelled. Huh.. I was relieved.. I did some more test papers on that day.

2nd August, around 1 pm -- Written test in Computer lab. Well, it was far lot easier than i expected. I did all the guess working in verbal section, some in analytical but Quant was a piece of cake. The test was done successfully. First hurdle was crossed and the second was about to start.

3:30pm -- I was there in front of CILP office, formally dressed with filled TCS form and a folder of certificates, waiting for the interview. All of my friends from Biotech were there. Needless to say they were tensed, but i tried my best to find humor in the situation. But when my name was called, at 6 pm, i was a bit nervous. The wait was getting on my nerves but i tried to calm myself and entered for the interview....


First 2-3 minutes were close to terrible. I let slip in my introduction that my father is a Bank officer and soon i was bombarded with questions from banking line, accounts.. what not... and soon i told them that its not my field. Then began what would i call 'dream 10-12 minutes' of my interview. One of the interviewer asked about Mitochondria and i explained him all its chemistry and biology and then it was like leading an interview. He asked questions from my answers and i explained each and everything. mDNA was made to be an existing part of genetic material in cell by me and the viruses, genetic disorders, Mendel's laws, photosynthesis.. what not.. i just blasted each and every question with confidence. Ho, it was great.. But then came another twist.. The interviewer asking technical questions left the room and the second one took over... and started a bad patch.. asked about C/C++ and i was not knowing much.. at last he gave me a puzzle, which i half solved.. he remarked that it was easy and i should have solved it.. Chalo Technical interview was done... I was not sure that i've done enough to get a call for HR interview but my CG and technical knowledge of biotech did the trick and i got a call for HR interview in next 10 min...

Well, HR interview was fun.. Mam was cool.. she just wanted to know that why i wanted to change from Biotech to IT, being good in technical. And i answered as diversely and differently i could have done. At some point she looked a bit unsatisfied but at last i thought i had done a fine job of convincing her.. Anyways, HR interview was over in 5-7 minutes..

Huh.. All done and then i was again in waiting mode... It was 9:30 pm. I was waiting for the result in C-hall. Cracking jokes among friends but a bit nervous from with in. And then came the Head of TCS team. He started announcing results..

First B.Tech Biotech --
Tarun Gupta

I got up.. accepted the applause from audience.. But Was this the moment i was waiting for.. i dont know.. i was blank.. my perception of the world was lost.. my hands were applauding for others but mind was not processing information.. it was just different from any feeling i ever had. And now, about 10 days later i have started feeling a sense of fulfillment watching my friends getting placements in other companies. It really makes you happy..

Anyways, The bottomline is and remains -- Mission TCS was Accomplished...

Bye blog..

Thursday, July 05, 2007

5th July.. The delayed Independence.

Hi blog...

Its 5th july today and i got my independence.. a delayed one... should have been on 4th july but i am free now from a pathetic piece of shit they call training.. today i got my certificate.. a document proving that i had completed my training officially... i cant be happier... I know that at end the things went better in a way that i got a desired project much related to my field but still i cant help feeling that this training was nothing less than a time pass or time wasted.. may be i dont know enough to decide about it.. who knows.. they say that alls well that ends well... it has ended now and ended well... let see how things goes in college.. looking forward to that.. in the meantime, i request the reader to shed some light on the thing they call training....


Cya soon blog....

Goodbye Mumbai...

Hi blog,
It has been a long time since my last post.. i was a bit busy in report and project.. now its over.. Finally i'm leaving mumbai.. Felling great..

It has been a mixed bag in mumbai.. some moments of joy, some sight seeing and quite a lot of travelling.. made me tough mentally but it takes a lot out of u too... i'm still not sure about this place.. whether its good or bad i'm still consumed.. i dont know why.. perhaps it was a lot happening in a short duration or my frustrations about other things.. i can hardly tell.. but one thing that i can asuure u is i'm very-2 happy to leave this place.. and this post of mine is different in the prospest that i'm hardly thinking while typing.. just the thoughts pouring straight from my heart and i'm typing... well i think thats it... i'll write about mumbai in future too.. (may be a tourist guide).. who knows.. for now..

Final verdict is... "Asi tere Sheher nu Salaam kar Challe haan".....

Goodbye mumbai..

Friday, May 11, 2007

Life in a........ Metro

Hi blog....

Another day goes and we are heading towards the 15th may.. Hmm.. Am i getting impatient ?? I dont know... Chal leave that.. let me tell you about today.. a day just like any other one.

I got up at 11:30 as usual... there was no electricity and according to the notice board of society it was to come at 5 pm.. what should i do for time pass ?? and then the idea came... a movie at Adlabs in galleria mall.. Cool.. so i got ready by 12:15 and was off to galleria.. I was thinking about watching Tara rum pum but got the tickets for Metro.. The show was at 2:30 pm.. I had an hour or so to explore the mall.. the mall was good but Center one was better. The best place in the mall was 'Odyssy - The leisure place'. It had books, greating cards, toys for kids, perfumes and music shop. It was cool to spent half an hour there. And then at 2:15, i entered the hall... so let the movie take over the post...

Movie review

My first thought about the movie was that it will be realistic and practical movie but i was proved wrong. There is no doubt that the movie was realistic at times but then suddenly it went too far fetched to contend with.
Theme of the movie said "countless emotions". Its true to some point. Movie shows it all.. passion, lust, a greed to succeed and love. It was a bold movie. At a moment, it reminded me of page 3 but page 3 was class apart. This one cant match page 3.

But there were certain things that appealed me most in the movie. Movie clearly showed the hollowness of the character in certain group of people which do nothing but use others for their benefit. Also, the path followed by some to realize their dreams, which ultimately compelled them to sacrifice on their integrity. A virtue which is constantly going down in todays hollow but shiny society. Apart from that movie showed some emotionally weak characters, tangled love lines bla bla bla..

And, as far as acting is concerned, i think it was good.. you can always expect Kokana sen sharma and Irfan khan to do a good job in these sort of roles. KK and Shilpa also did a good job and kangana ranaut looked good too..

And talking about the music, well it was rock dominated totally. A rock band performs in all the song (i dont know the name). Initially it looks good but after some it starts to give a headache. The best song was "In dino".

Final Verdict: A good movie for a one time watch watch.. Something appealing (At times)... But its not a ground breaking cinema by any means.
My rating: 2.8/5
Imdb: Not there yet.

After the movie, i went to center one and wandered there for an hour so. Then back to home. Back to Orkutting, Chatting and blogging...

Bye blog.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A rocking Day with Spiderman - 3

Hi blog..

Today was an eventful and Successful day.. Bhot aish kitti... Day started a bit boring but soon it was filled with fun and excitement. Actually it was 'The Monitoring Day'.. Our dear prof SS was coming for monitoring.. So me and AP went to Nerul Plant of our company (Elder Pharma) where SS was expected to come. We reached Company at 10 and were hoping that we were not late.. ans we were not.. On the contrary, SS came near 1:00 and we have to wait for over 2 hours. Our cool company coordinator left us with SS in his cabin. And from that moment onwards the day started to change.. First we all said "Good morning" in a formal way and then something followed which neither me or AP was expecting or hoping for... Dear, SS started talking a bit friendly with us.. asked about all project things, Mumbai, changes in our lives bla bla bla.. there were one or two awkward moments which could have turned nasty but all in all it went well.. So we were free by 2:10 and left the company..

Our total planning was to go home straight forward but another unexpected plan was on the way.. we boarded a bus to Vashi baazar as usual (hoping to get an auto from there towards home).. But my mood changed in between.. i was dying to see Spiderman-3 and moreover Mridul said it was great.. So I told AP to get off at Vashi depot and go to Fame Adlabs for watching Spidy-3.. AP agreed.. So we left the bus at Depot... We hired an auto from depot to Galleria mall where there are 4 screens of fame Adlabs...
there were 8 shows of Spidy-3 in a day at Adlabs.. and shocking thing was all were already filled...

I was a bit disappointed to say the least but then i thought about going to another Cinema Nearby Meghdoot or Meghraj.. And See how the luck smiles on us.. We got the tickets for 3:30 show of the movie....

Now movie review...... well, it was a good movie.. no second thoughts about that.. Special effects were as good as its earlier parts or may be better.. Story line could have been improved a bit... there were too many villains to accommodate in one movie.. Movie was a bit more romantic then Spidy 1,2... But overall, it is a very good movie for a Spidy fan... Must see .. especially for special effects..
My Rating: 8.3/10
Imdb rating: 7.9/10....

After the movie, AP went home straight way because he was feeling giddy... and i went to Centre One mall.. I spent more than an hour or so in mall.. It was just great.. Crowd was good too... On the way back to home, i had my small dinner..
Overall it was a rocking day...

PS:- Spiderman-3 was the seventh (As far as i can remember) movie that i have seen in cinemas of Mumbai... Others were..
1. Guru (Excellent Movie)
2. Eklaya (Good acting, Weak Story.. Nice to see, nothing much to remember)
3. Ghost rider (Waste of money)
4. Black Friday (Super-Duper Movie... A must Watch)
5. Namaste Landon (Good Timepass movie.. Katrina looks Hot...)
6. Mr. Beans Holiday (Very good and Clean comedy.)
7. Spiderman-3 (Good movie.. excellent effects)
Saga will go on......

Bye blog.... :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Shawshank Redemption


Hi blog, Seen The Shawshank Redemption today again.. Seen it countless number of times and movie still delights me... Especially its dialogs... So I'm writing about it.... Actually i should have done it earlier because this movie deserved it. But better late than never.. Let me start..

The Shawshank Redemption is undoubtedly the best movie i have ever seen. Its a classic. Movie gives you hope. It engages you slowly and then delights you at end. The beauty of the movie lies in it being slow. Every scene, every character just fits into it amazingly.. Acting by every character in the movie is amazing.. The narration by Morgan freeman throughout the movie holds the viewer.. This movie has it all -- hope, patience, friendship, fun, misery and prison life.... And above all great dialogs.. Here goes some of my favorite ones...

Red: "Get Busy Living, or Get Busy dying.. Thats goddamn right."

Andy: "Remember red, Hope is a good thing, may be the best and no good thing ever dies..I'll be hoping that this letter find you and finds you well."

Red: "I hope to cross the border. I hope to see my friend. I hope the pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams. I HOPE"

Andy: "Yeah. The funny thing is - on the outside, I was an honest man, straight as an arrow. I had to come to prison to be a crook."

Red: "Some birds are not meant to be caged... Their feathers are just too bright.. and when they fly away..the part of you which knows, it was a sin to lock them up rejoice..yet the place you live, is much more drab and empty after they are gone.."

Red: "That kid's long gone. This old man is all that's left. I gotta live with that. 'Rehabilitated?' That's just a bullshit word. So you go on and stamp your forms, Sonny, and stop wasting my time. Because to tell you the truth, I don't give a shit."

Red: "These walls are funny. First you hate 'em, then you get used to 'em. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on them. That's institutionalized."

Red: "In prison, a man will do anything to keep his mind occupied."

Andy: "There are places in this world that aren't made out of stone, and that there's something inside that they can't get to ,and that they can't touch. It's yours. ....Hope."

Red: "When they put you in that cell... and those bars slam home... that's when you know it's for real. A whole life blown away in the blink of an eye. Nothing left but all the time in the world to think about it."

Red: "Andy Dufresne - Who crawled through a river of shit and came out clean on the other side."

Brooks: "The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry."

Warden: "I believe in two things: discipline and the Bible. Here you'll receive both. Put your trust in the Lord; your ass belongs to me. Welcome to Shawshank."

Red: "... and for the briefest of moments -- every last man at Shawshank felt free."

Warden: "The man disappeared like a fart in the wind !"

Red: "Prison life consists of routine, and then more routine."

Warden & Andy: "Salvation lies within"

Red: "Geology is the study of pressure and time. That's all it takes, really. Pressure and time."

Red: "Somethings are best left unsaid."

Well, there are endless dialogs in the movie which could have come here but i had to choose the best which was a very hard job, i must admit. At end i will just say "wonderful Movie"

PS: My rating: 10/10
Imdb rating: 9.1/10 (2nd best after Godfather)

Monday, April 30, 2007

Exploring Mumbai

Hi blog...

Life is going great in Mumbai.. There is not much work to do in company... And vase vee, those are cool people so no tensions.. In the meantime, I'm exploring every bit of Mumbai... Last week was no different.. Went for a all Mumbai tour aka Mumbai Darshan and also visited Brabourne Cricket stadium for watching final of Twenty-20 match between Punjab and Tamilnadu with AP. Match was a close one (alas! Punjab Lost).. I really enjoyed it and ground looked spectacular under lights.. Also went to see Marine Drive from ground... Marine Drive looked amazing at night..Its U shape looks like a necklace...But this post of mine will be dedicated to Mumbai Darshan...

Hmmm.. Mumbai Darshan aka City tour is an attempt to cover major tourist attractions of the city in one day. But, to me, it looked more of a crash course of Mumbai. Although there was a guide in bus to explain the history of everything, But Bus stopped at 8-9 major points only and that time was restricted too. But one cant complain after all they have their limitations. And covering Mumbai in one day is not a joke.

Here Goes a brief description of Mumbai Darshan..

The first destination of the tour was Gateway of India (GWI). It looked as magnificent as ever and there were Taj hotels (both old and new) too... looked marvelous... Clicked some pics.. Then bus left for the next destination which was Chattarpati Shivajee Vastu Sangrahlya aka Prince Wales Museum. It is the second largest museum of India. It is not dedicated to one set of things but is more of a general museum. And it is huge. I was just able to see it in given time of 40 minutes.. mind you just see not observe. It surely requires 3-4 hours to completely observe it. Well, it deserves another trip of mine.. :)

Third stoppage of the tour was Taraporewala Aquarium on Marine Drive. But between the two stops were a lot of other important and beautiful buildings like Mumbai High court (aka "Sanjay dutt ka sasural" according to our guide -- SD has to go there in relation to 1993 blasts), Cloak tower of University of Mumbai, Assembly Hall, Mantralya, Offices of HP,LIC, air India and Bombay Stock exchange (BSE). Now coming to aquarium, well it was a very simple and a good tourist point, especially for kids. There were all sort of fishes, Crabs, Prawns and tortoises. We were given time for lunch at Canteen besides aquarium so we had lunch there.

After the aquarium, it was the turn of Kamla Nehru Park and Hanging Gardens. But once again the path was laden with some special spots. There was Jain Temple having 100 % gold sculptures and a police station near it. (our guide said "kalyug hai bhagwan kee raksha police kar rahi hai").Others were Governor's bungalow, Afghanistan Embassy, Chowpathy Beach and Veena apartment where Mr. Jackie Shroff ("Galli ke gunde" acc to guide) lived.

Now, Kamla Nehru Park (1st park of India after independence) and hanging gardens were not simple parks. There was a place in Kamla nehru park From where one can capture all the marine Drive in the Camera.. so we clicked some photos. Hanging Garden was made over a water reservoir (thats why it is called hanging Garden) which provided water to south Mumbai. Hanging garden also contained many hedges cut in shape of animals..

After Gardens, we left for Mahalaxmi temple. On the way were Sahayadri guest house for MP's ("jab hamare desh ke politician thak jaate hai to yahan aaram karte hai" -- Guide), Towers of silence (has a elaborate history behind it),American Embassy and Aanand Niwas (Home of Homi bhabha-- Nuclear Scientist). It took approximately 15-20 minutes to reach mahalaxmi temple. Yahan par bhagwan se appointment puri kee aur phir nikal liye aage.. :)

The next stop was Nehru Science Center. The path from Mahalaxmi Temple to science centre was having some more special points like Haaji ali, Bunglow of salman khan, Tata golf course, Lata mangeshkar's flats, Essar house and Mahalaxmi race course. Nehru science center was one of the most important point of tour. The science center was big. There were a lot of different sections like man and machine,aeronautics, sound etc etc... I checked my weight & height relationship and it was perfectly ok given the fact that i have shed some weight after coming to Mumbai... Actually we were not having much time to explore the science centre completely. But i surely will give it another visit.

After Nehru science center, It was the turn of Mumbai's biggest beach -- Juhu beach. It was a silent journey of 40-45 minutes from science center to Juhu which was enough for me to have a short sleep.. (i was completely exhausted). We reached Juhu at 4:30 and the view of the waves was good enough to take all the weariness away. There is a lot to write about Juhu so i'll dedicate it a separate post..

After Juhu came the last stop of the tour which was Hare Rama hare Krishna Temple. It was a beautiful temple mainly built of marble. Between the temple and beach, there were bunglows of Big B and Hema malini ("ungli mat karna, ander Dhamendra bhee rehta hai" -- Guide). After the last stop, the bus left for vashi.. It took abt 70-75 min and by 7:45 we were back in Vashi,completely tired but satisfied. It was an eventful day where we explored most parts of Mumbai from sounth to middle and It was worth a great experience.

PS:- Again Picasa and 6600 rockzz... And reader must note that i tried my best to keep the description brief.. But if it is long then please bear with me.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007

hey blog.. it is over.. Word cup 2007 and Australia has emerged as world cup champs once again.. Great team..

I'm following Cricket from world cup 1996.. it has been a game full of excitement,joy,sadness and some unexpected results. This world cup had some of the most unexpected games I've witnessed ever. Bangladesh had upset victories over India and South Africa.. where Ireland stunned Pakistan and Bangladesh.. I do admire Ireland because they played really well within their limitations... They gave tough fights to England, Newzealand.. Two mighty Asian teams India and Pakistan had an early exit from the tournament..

Apart from upsets, this world cup saw 4 wickets in four balls from Lasith Malinga of srilkanka (against south africa.. what a match that was !!) and six sixes in six balls from the bat of Hershelle Gibbs against the Minnows Ducth. We saw World cup's fastest century from Metthew Hayden of Australia and some fierce hitting from the likes of Yuvraj singh, Mark boucher, Hayden, Ponting, Styris, Kallis, Smith, Gibbs etc etc.. Also Some great bowling from man of the series Mcgrawth, Murli, Tait, Hogg and Malinga.

This world cup also witnessed the greats like Inzamam-ul-haq, Brian lara and Glen Mcgrawth for the last time on the grounds for one day internationals as they said good-bye to ODI Cricket..

This world cup, unlike its previous editions, saw lesser competition in super eights and also local crowds.. But, all in all, it was Cricket that at last emerge victorious once again from wonderful Tournament...

Hat-trick By the Aussies...

hi blog....
Well, this post is a bit off track as it has nothing to do with my experience with Mumbai but Aussies have earned it..

Ya, Aussies have completed their hat-trick of cricket world cup wins on Saturday, 28th of April,2007.. they were as ruthless as ever.. magnificent..marvelous.. Amazing.. great.. unbeatable.. mind blowing... bla bla bla. I will not be having adjectives to describe what truly this Australian team deserves because there is nothing in words which can describe their dedication and attitude towards the game. It does not matter to them who the opposition is ? they are just the same.. with the killer instinct.. True champions.. even the great carribian team of Clive loyd will have to admire them for there attitude and ruthless nature.

They have extremely talented players which can come more than handy when the true need is there, like Gilchrist provided what was needed in the Final..It was the way Gilchrist played.. he looked like an alien from some other planet who made cricket look so easy where others find hard it to start.....

The Australians take care of every department of the game whether it is fielding, batting, bowling, running between the wickets, it does not matter... And where the Aussies are far far ahead of the others is their mental strength.. They play to win and they know they can and they will..
Hats off to Australia...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Mixed Bag

The collage contains pictures from my earlier visits to Gateway of india, Juhu Beach and mumbai in general..
More to come soon.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Elephanta Caves

Hi Blog...
This post of mine will be dedicated to my voyage of the Elephanta Caves. I visited Elephanta caves on 13th of this month (Friday) along with my friend Amarpreet singh (AP).
It was an unexpected plan that led us to Elephanta caves. Our original plan was to visit Mumbai University Institute of Chemical technology (UICT) for the purpose of using library there. (Our Project co-coordinator insisted we must go there so we did to full fill his wish).


We boarded the local train (horrible local) from Vashi station at 9. It was what I call the peak hours of journey via local. But I was happy to board the train comfortably, for a change, in peak hours. So I thought the train journey won’t be a big trouble. But I was soon proved wrong because as soon as the train halted at Mankhurd (1st stop after Vashi), a capacious crowd literally attacked the train without even allowing it halt properly. Soon the crowd was filling in and I knew the worse is about to come as I was standing near the entrance. And I was not wrong at all because as the space inside thinned, I started feeling the force. It was nothing like my previous experiences in local. Impact of the blows by crowd was unbearable and soon all the air was being knocked out of me. I was pinned against the compartment wall and journey after that went in hope that it would be over soon. At last, after a packed journey of 40 minutes Wadala station came, my destination. As I left the train I thought that I was lucky to sign off the train without a bone break. That was quite a journey. Easily the worst I ever had in local.
So from wadala we went to UICT by taxi. UICT looked like an empty building at start but soon we found some students and one of them led to the library and there we were told that the under graduate students are not allowed in the library. So much pain for nothing substantial….
It was at this moment that we decided to go to Elephanta caves…

Real Voyage Starts…

We went back to wadala station. Took a train to vikhroli station. Journey was comparatively better. At VT we had our breakfast and left for Gate way of India.
The gateway of India is a wonderful monument situated at the sea creek the cuts Mumbai. A fine breeze was blowing that countered the effect of heat. From gateway of India we took ferry for Elephata caves as caves are carved in a mountain situated on an island. The ride on ferry was of an hour or so. It was fun. We clicked some pics from my 6600. We reached the island at about 1:30. A toy train took us to the village from where the journey towards caves starts.

The shops on the way to hill top were loaded with amazing stuff of art. We went slowely towards the cave, exploring everything on the way. At last we reached the caves. Bought tickets. There were many caves carved out of stone. All of these were dedicated to lord Shiva. Different sculptures were there representing different shades and pictures of lord Shiva. One of them showing the three faces of lord Shiva was particularly amazing. We clicked a lot of pictures.
After the caves we left to explore the other attractions of the island. On the way we saw some monkeys accepting food from tourists. It was quite amazing the way they behaved. We clicked some more pics. Then we left for the Cannon hill. There were two cannons (old and filled with stones) situated at the top most point of the hill. The way to the top was a rough one but not rough enough to dampen our spirits. It was great to see those cannons having length of at least 25 feet. We clicked some more pics there.

After the cannon hill, we started our journey back to the shore where ferries were waiting to take the tourists back. On the way back we had our lunch. Journey back was great too especially the ferry ride…

At last we reached gateway of India and clicked a few more pics. Then we spent some time in park and left to explore the market near the area. The market was really good with a lot of hariyali. After that we took a bus for VT and then a train for Vashi. Journey via local was not fun again but still better. At long last we reached home around 9 after an eventful day.

PS:- For pictures thanks to my 6600 and for collage picasa rockzz again.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Life @ mumbai

Hi... Its gonna be my first post from mumbai.. & i thought none can be the better topic than this one.. I've been asked this one by many of my friends so here it goes...
Well, mumbai is just like an another city crowded with almost everything. Life consists of routine & then more routine..(Got it from my favorite movie)..
If there is something that sets this city apart from any another then it has to be the spirit & co-cooperative nature of people of mumbai.. for whenever i needed some help, whether in company or in travelling, everybody stood up to the occassion to help me..... Really they are better than people of my own lovely biotech department, excluding some exceptions...

Hmmm... My wierd experiences in mumbai....
1. Travelling in local trains:- Different people have different opinions about local trains over here.. some call them pathetic, other amazing & for some, like me, its the best option even if it gives you pain in almost every body part sometimes.. i can still remember the day when i was thrown out by the crowd against my will or many of those when train got more than it can afford or when i got fined due to a mistake.. But all in all its a necessity in a fast life over here.

2. Watching Guru:- well, i was all geared up to watch the movie but when i entered in so called cinema hall, i just realized that it was a cinema room sort of hall with 150 odd seats & a 10' * 14' screen.. that was quite shocking at start but later i realized that it was not as bad as it looked in start.. sound system was good so was AC... Movie was great & then i saw Black friday too in that same cinema room...

3. Masti in mumbai:- well.. if u r in mumbai u cant miss on masti.. so i visited a lot of places in mumbai like gate way of india, chowpathy, juhu, band stand etc... beachs had a lot of greenary there & band stand was different in all aspects because its not exactly a beach but lover point.. i need not explain the details...:)

Hmmm... lifes going on... Movies, music, masti, work... there is everything... In gist, life here is like roses in thorns because masti is there between all the chaos..

Majak majak vich kafi likhya gaya.. chalo hun enna bhot hai.. bye.