Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Some Memories

Hey blog....
I'm back.
It was another semester at TIET full of fun. Watched hell lot of movies... Had arguments with institute administration.. Learnt a lot of things.... Really some of them changed my thinking... Hmmm... Life goes on & now i'm going to Mumbai for Project semester... I hope i'll learn a lot from Mumbai... It will be fun.

Now coming to these images.. Well, i promised that i'll write more about Guwahati.. But i was just fed up of using net.. So now when i'm back, these 2 images will sum up Guwahati and my trip to Shilong & Chirapunjee.. The first one is showing some natural beauty.. and the second one is having some of the best photgraphs having me (2nd) with my friends Amarpreet (1st) & Kamaldeep (centre)... The two days of trip to shilong & chirapunjee were really amazing.. Undoubtly the most happening days of my life during Summer Training..

Thats all for this post.. Next update will be from Mumbai..

PS: Thanks to Picasa (collage making)... and Daman at last you have something to see from Guwahati...

Monday, July 03, 2006


Hi everybody,
Finally I’m writing about IITG. This post will be more of a general post about IITG. So this will not be a post presenting my life here or about my training (Of course I’ll write about that too). But this will be more of an insight to this lovely place & will be exploring it geographically. Chalo I’m starting it now.

IITG is located near to India’s widest river ‘Brahmaputra’ – a small sea in itself. It takes 45 minutes to reach at campus from city via readily available buses that work only for IIT purpose. But another exciting way to get there is via Ferry. Ferry gives you the chance to travel via ‘Brahmaputra’ & takes 13-15 min of wonderful journey to reach Ferri ghat & 10 min from there to IITG. The campus of IITG is a huge one, consiting of many buildings & roads connecting them. All the buildings here are fully AC through a centralized AC system… Tell u what it consumes hell lot of electricity…
The sight of whole IITG is beautiful because it has small hills & lots of greenery surrounding it, which has soothing effect on your whole mind. Daman don’t worry I have clicked some pics…Sufficient enough for you to see….

The hostels.

The most weird thing about the hostels, is their names e.g. ‘Kapili’, ’Manhas’, ’Siang’ etc etc… Here the rooms that are allotted to students are single sitter ones unlike the ones at Thapar. Every room is equipped with a chair, table, bed, cupboard etc etc… and how can I forget to mention the LAN & Internet connection in each & every room… the awesome thing…. Puri aish…Another special thing that need the attention is the number of creatures excluding human beings… cockroaches were the predominant ones along with other weird ones.
Now coming to the mess - food quality is ok with a good mess staff but still the repetition is too much. All time they have one permanent thing sambhar & rice… Breakfast stuff is ok. The hostels are also having common room, TV room, PCO & a canteen – That can save one from repeated food. These were main highlights of the hostels.

Computer center & library of IITG.
The computer center (CC) & library have been made in a separate huge building. There are more than 200 PC’s in CC. PCs are of a very good configuration too. Each one having a LCD screen, DVD combo, P4 processor & 512 mb RAM… Cool na… Yes after all it’s an IIT. The best thing about CC is that it is open till 1 o’clock at night.
Exactly opposite to CC is library. Library is also a huge one & is having large number of books on wide variety of topics including art books as well. Two PCs are there for search purposes… Rest I don’t know much because I seldom go to that portion of building.

Other buildings
One more special thing about IITG is the number of buildings in campus. Each department has a different building connected by corridors, which seems to be never ending. You see, here u have to walk a lot even with in academic building(s). Chalo good for some people… even for me because I have forgotten the long 2-3 km walking that I used to do in Himachal but now got used to it. There is a separate administration building as well that too a big one. So there are no space problems here. 2-3 buildings are under construction & one of them a 1000 sitter audi…. Aah remembering the one at Thapar. Cant compare the two actually because here Govt funding is there.
Another distinct building is the one situated on a hill. Like that of bhoot bangla..Joking. That is actually Director bungalow.
Another special feature here is a small military camp… The military post always has one soldier in position with machine gun… for security purposes…
There is a village called ‘Amin gaon’ near to IITG. There is a small market… Nothing big but still sufficient… One thing I can assure u that you’ll get very good pineapples & coconut water there….
Well that is all what I have seen up to now in this lovely place…there may be a possibility that still many things might have been left to explore… Hmmm… still 7-8 days are there may be then I’ll edit this post.

Actually there is a lot to write about people here, city & of course about life here. Hope to write that soon.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Tiring Voyage – End

Hello everybody, this will be my last post about journey. In this post I’ll tell you about last parts of my journey i.e. Delhi to Guwahati & then from railway station to IITG..

First of all I’m sorry for posting this late. Actually I was having some problems with the blogger & my posts. All the problems are now fixed courtesy my friend Preetinder. So without much delay here I will start with chapter 3.

Chapter 3 (From Delhi to Guwahati).

Every thing was going according to the plan. I reached railway station (with my friends) at 11:45 am approx. I asked enquiry about platform of train. It was 12 – nearest to us. The train came as it was scheduled & finally around 1:40 pm we were inside the train – Seats reserved not a single problem. The AC in the train was refreshing & was helping me in overcoming the tiredness that had crawled in to my body. The seat reserved were in one line i.e. Lower, middle & upper births – So no problem there as well.

Train left the Delhi station at 2:00 pm. I made a call back home & told that everything was fine.
You know one great thing with Rajdhani is that they never let u feel thirsty or hungry. Something will be on its way after one hour or so. LOL.

First of all, bottles of water were given followed by a lot of other stuff – Kambals & towels, bed sheets (it gets quite cold when constant AC is on & u r not much used to it) & other foodstuff.
I occupied the upper seat & started reading a fiction novel (Angels & demons). After all reading fiction novels is one of my favorites time pass along with relaxation. AP & KD started took a newspaper & started solving Soduko or a game like that- I don’t know much about that. The seat was a comfortable one & everything was much better than bus journey.

As the time progressed the train neared the destination. The dinner was served around 8 & after dinner soup was there & food quality was ok. After that I slept around 10.Really a sound sleep. Only regret was that waiter in train, to give tea, at 6 am waked me up. Yar main apni puri college life vich kade 6 vaje nahi udhiya- par chalo kee kar sakde see.

The day progressed like any normal day, I kept on reading novel but this time I was reading ‘Harry potter & the sorcerers stone’ & in between ‘Angels & demons’ (Both books r rocking). KD was reading ‘Godfather’ & AP ‘The inscrutable Americans’ (Cool book).
Like mentioned already they wont let u feel hungry & will keep on serving something after hour or so & finally lunch at 2. After lunch it was the time again for a bit of sleep. When I Woke up it was raining outside. The sight of nature was awesome. I clicked some pictures with my cell & also made a small video clip.

At last train reached Guwahati around 7:45 (late by more than one hour). At last most of the journey was over but still one question was left that how we’ll reach IITG. I made a call at number given to me by professor at IIT. The person on other end gave me the address from where the bus will leave for IIT & we started towards the given address.


We hired an auto to reach at the given address. It hardly took 2 minutes to reach there. But still we just missed the bus leaving for IIT (at 8:15). Thank god it was not the last bus. The last bus was at 8:45 and that took us to the IITG hostels.

Well that was all. All the main points concerning ‘My Tiring Voyage’.. Rest about life here & other things I’ll write soon….

Till then bye.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Tiring Voyage contd...

Hello every body,

Here I’m, again, at Computer center of IITG writing chapter 2 of My tiring voyage…
Chapter no. 2 begins….

Chapter 2 – Delhi Metro (Kashmiri gate to Railway station)

I reached at Metro station with my friends. KD purchased the tickets for station of metro near to railway station. My God, metro station was a huge one, which was making things tough for me due to one of my bags. It was quite heavy than usual because there was a Book in it called Genes by Lewin weighing quite a lot. This book was supposed to be read by us & was issued on my library card so I was carrying it.

In scientific terms, the pressure exerted by bag on my hands was high due to decrease in area of cross section that was induced by weight of that book.


Coming back to station, it was equipped with technology & was having cleanliness that made it look like a foreign station. But my illusion was short lived because the crowd emitting from metro completely revealed it’s true identity - Indian.

In that situation of hurry, we boarded the wrong metro that was taking me in completely opposite direction. Then we left that metro at a station where it was possible to leave. The security guard standing at that station was a polite one. By rules we have to buy another coupon from that station. But he understood our true story & allowed us to use same coupon. So in this way I, with my two friends, reached at our end station. It was an exciting experience to travel on metro- Fully AC with perfect safety.

From that end station we just went to railway station from where 3rd & longest step of journey was to begin.

Hmmm… I think it’s enough for now. I’ll write about last chapters of my journey in next post.


My tiring voyage..

Hello everybody,
Here I’m in computer center if IITG posting my 2nd post on my 1st blog.

My project is sucking all the time I have, but still I’m writing this. I’ll write about my project too in upcoming posts and this post will be concerned with my tiring voyage from Patiala to IITG ( but 1st chapter only).




Here I go….

Chapter 1 - Bus Journey (Patiala to Delhi).

The date was set, tickets reserved, everything ok & at 6:50 am. I started for Delhi in a PRTC bus. I was accompanied by two of my friends – Kamaldeep (KD) & Amarpreet (AP). I was carrying 2 two bags. Tell u what bus was no way near comfortable but there were no choices. Overtaking most of vehicles bus was going at fairly high speed. What else should I mention about bus journey. Most of us had that experience. Those uncomfortable jumps, unintentional & unavoidable, were making my back feel worse.

A night before journey I had slept only for four & half hours because KD had came and we were using PC till 12:30 am. I was regretting that. The first 15-20 minute stoppage was at some sort of small bus stand (Not remembering where & at what time). It was refreshing a bit. Then at 10:48 we reached main bus terminal of Delhi.

I was told (by an uncle in bus) that metro from that bus terminal would be the best way to get at railway station.
So I started towards metro station named Kashmiri gate with my friends.

Here ends the 1st chapter.
More about journey in subsequent posts…



This is my first post on my this blog..
In subsequent posts i'll mention about my journey & lifr during summer training at IITG..

Till then bye...