Thursday, July 05, 2007

Goodbye Mumbai...

Hi blog,
It has been a long time since my last post.. i was a bit busy in report and project.. now its over.. Finally i'm leaving mumbai.. Felling great..

It has been a mixed bag in mumbai.. some moments of joy, some sight seeing and quite a lot of travelling.. made me tough mentally but it takes a lot out of u too... i'm still not sure about this place.. whether its good or bad i'm still consumed.. i dont know why.. perhaps it was a lot happening in a short duration or my frustrations about other things.. i can hardly tell.. but one thing that i can asuure u is i'm very-2 happy to leave this place.. and this post of mine is different in the prospest that i'm hardly thinking while typing.. just the thoughts pouring straight from my heart and i'm typing... well i think thats it... i'll write about mumbai in future too.. (may be a tourist guide).. who knows.. for now..

Final verdict is... "Asi tere Sheher nu Salaam kar Challe haan".....

Goodbye mumbai..


Deepinder Singh said...

Seems u encountered real life after alll.... I'm still in queue after u :)

Suneetinder Singh Walia said...

bye bye mumbai..
good. i'm happy that you're back. let mumbai be, we need you more here. .
welcome back.

Tarun Gupta said...

@ Deepi: Ya thats true... u r in the q but u have the experts to guide you... ;)

@ Suneet: thanks..i cant be happier.