Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bleed Blue - World Champions 2011

April 2, 2011 will go down as one of the most celebrated day in Indian Cricketing History. A long twenty eight year wait of a nation obsessed with cricket is finally rewarded handsomely. The men in blue have done it. They exhibited hunger, passion and full commitment to the job. In fact, it has nothing less than an exceptional display of skill, integrity, team effort and courage to win the most coveted cricketing trophy. The tears of Joy, the roar of victory and a set of overwhelming emotions were at the display when the final line was crossed, when the final ball was lofted towards the long on boundary for a six. It was a six that will remembered and cherished for a long time. The years to come might fade the visual representation of the view but it wont be able to touch the feeling and the experience that this victory has brought. It was a feeling beyond words and believe me, it is not an over statement.

Looking back, one can say that the 'Men in Blue' were always tipped off as the favorites to win the cup but nothing came easy for them. They played against a spirited Ricky Ponting in the Quarter finals. Definitely, it was some brilliant display of bowling that restricted Australia to two hundred and sixty. But a team like Australia always had a reputation of asphyxiating the opposition in chasing this kind of a score. That was why it was not easy and required composure from likes of Yuvraj and Raina to see India through. The reaction of a pumped up Yuvraj was enough to decipher how badly he wanted to win. A win, at that level, meant that India was getting ready for what was declared as 'The Mother of all Clashes' - India v Pakistan. The media was having a field day. They had the got the best story of the world cup. Corporate India was supposed to be on an official bunk. Projectors and Big Screens were being set up to witness what could be a golden day in history for Indian Cricket. So was the excitement, nervousness, anxiety and hope among the supporters that a defeat was unacceptable. This was supposed to be a true test of composure and ability to handle the pressure. After a lot of nerve wracking and nail biting moments, Team India managed to emerge as victorious and registered a date with the destiny.

So it was today, the final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, where India needed to perform and win it for Sachin, for themselves and for more than a billion Indians. Today just reaffirmed the reputation of India as a cricket crazy nation and it is quite evident that there is nothing as Cricket that has the ability to unite and uplift India as a nation. And Men in Blue did it. The 'Captain Cool' and the 'Second Wall' answered the call of the duty and made the country revel in moments that will last a life time. Thanks a lot for all the efforts that you guys put in and congratulations for the victory at the biggest stage. Enjoy Team India !!
Revel in the moments of glory because you guys are the deserving champions. You did it !!!

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