Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Race 2 - Cheapness and trash combined & served cold !!

If you appreciate good cinema and art, you will remember “Race 2” for a long time. Not because it is one of those gem of movies that take your breath away and makes you wonder about things that you might have missed out in your busy life or it was a piece of thrilling cinematography that kept you on the edges of your seats. But because you got a new benchmark on how worse it can get and what all not to do if you really want to appreciate the art that a movie is.

I wonder from where I should start. I guess, the makers knew that they wanted a few action scenes in exotic locations, a couple of hot girls in outfits that reveal more than they hide, an item song, a fight sequence, some raunchy stuff, some stolen dialogues and a couple of window shattering shots. Apart from this, they had no idea what to do with these parts. They might have sat over a cup of coffee and decided to randomly put together these parts to make a movie. The result is a confusing piece of cinema that cannot be classified as any of action, thriller, suspense, drama, comedy or a “B-grade film”. It was such a job that they themselves would not have wanted to see it again. Needless to say that there wasn’t a script.

I wonder am I being too harsh and then I think about the movie again and all my doubts vanish in an instant. I cannot talk about the acting because there wasn’t any. Starting alphabetically, Amisha patel tried her best to look like a desperate young girl who wants to devour on (literally) her boss and in return, Anil Kapoor horrendously tried to be cool and funny at the same time. All the time, they both seemed like the extra baggage that the movie was carrying. Deepika Padukone and Jacqueline Fernandez did not have to do much except flaunt their curvaceous figures in order to woo the audience. Their roles were a testimony to the fact that the days of real acting are probably behind us and what and how you speak is simply irrelevant. I will leave the rest of the main cast for the sake of avoiding repetition. With acting and scripting out the way, one would not expect much. But hang on, it is not over. We have to copy style and dialogues from other movies in order to look savaging and serious in action sequences. This is one thing where the makers have done really well. Why watch “Kill Bill” if you can get the same intensity of revenge in this movie and why watch other Hollywood action flicks if the amalgamation of their action can be served in one movie?? I would just watch Race 2 to amuse myself.

Life is all about taking events as experiences – good and bad. Well, Race 2 was also an experience. I am sure that you would get the gist of what kind of an experience it was. If you are a masochist and want to punish yourself for some of your wrongdoings, I highly recommend Race 2. You cannot get something more suitable. But I can assure you this is not a movie that I would recommend to the worst of my enemies as it would be a crime against humanity to do so.

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Suneetinder Singh Walia said...

i'd stay away from this movie even more after reading this pleasantly worded review. :)