Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Tiring Voyage contd...

Hello every body,

Here I’m, again, at Computer center of IITG writing chapter 2 of My tiring voyage…
Chapter no. 2 begins….

Chapter 2 – Delhi Metro (Kashmiri gate to Railway station)

I reached at Metro station with my friends. KD purchased the tickets for station of metro near to railway station. My God, metro station was a huge one, which was making things tough for me due to one of my bags. It was quite heavy than usual because there was a Book in it called Genes by Lewin weighing quite a lot. This book was supposed to be read by us & was issued on my library card so I was carrying it.

In scientific terms, the pressure exerted by bag on my hands was high due to decrease in area of cross section that was induced by weight of that book.


Coming back to station, it was equipped with technology & was having cleanliness that made it look like a foreign station. But my illusion was short lived because the crowd emitting from metro completely revealed it’s true identity - Indian.

In that situation of hurry, we boarded the wrong metro that was taking me in completely opposite direction. Then we left that metro at a station where it was possible to leave. The security guard standing at that station was a polite one. By rules we have to buy another coupon from that station. But he understood our true story & allowed us to use same coupon. So in this way I, with my two friends, reached at our end station. It was an exciting experience to travel on metro- Fully AC with perfect safety.

From that end station we just went to railway station from where 3rd & longest step of journey was to begin.

Hmmm… I think it’s enough for now. I’ll write about last chapters of my journey in next post.


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Ghetsin Li -and- W. Sauniere said...

wow. . the description is beautiful. . how i wish i could have been with you during the travels. .