Saturday, June 24, 2006

My tiring voyage..

Hello everybody,
Here I’m in computer center if IITG posting my 2nd post on my 1st blog.

My project is sucking all the time I have, but still I’m writing this. I’ll write about my project too in upcoming posts and this post will be concerned with my tiring voyage from Patiala to IITG ( but 1st chapter only).




Here I go….

Chapter 1 - Bus Journey (Patiala to Delhi).

The date was set, tickets reserved, everything ok & at 6:50 am. I started for Delhi in a PRTC bus. I was accompanied by two of my friends – Kamaldeep (KD) & Amarpreet (AP). I was carrying 2 two bags. Tell u what bus was no way near comfortable but there were no choices. Overtaking most of vehicles bus was going at fairly high speed. What else should I mention about bus journey. Most of us had that experience. Those uncomfortable jumps, unintentional & unavoidable, were making my back feel worse.

A night before journey I had slept only for four & half hours because KD had came and we were using PC till 12:30 am. I was regretting that. The first 15-20 minute stoppage was at some sort of small bus stand (Not remembering where & at what time). It was refreshing a bit. Then at 10:48 we reached main bus terminal of Delhi.

I was told (by an uncle in bus) that metro from that bus terminal would be the best way to get at railway station.
So I started towards metro station named Kashmiri gate with my friends.

Here ends the 1st chapter.
More about journey in subsequent posts…


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