Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When Nostalgia Hits....

What would I not do..

To go back to those college days again
To take another walk in that picturesque campus
To share those wonderful times at hostel ramp
To go on unplanned treks with amazing friends
To be emotionally strong and vulnerable at the same time
To dance uncontrollably in CultCom parties
To celebrate special birthdays in unique ways
To stare at the main gate from flag post and wonder..
To go to PB for unplanned lunches and dinners
To feel hope, passion, ambition to the fullest
To get high and talk my heart out to friends
To photograph overwhelmingly beautiful landscapes
To enjoy those never ending night long discussions
To savor that fresh rain in campus grounds
To hit the ball over the boundary again
To feel the craziness of footsteps again
To express myself in a batch address
To fool around with that golf club again
To appreciate different opinions of 104 souls
To fight, yell and make up for your mistakes
To cook in hostel mess again with friends
To pursue perfection in tasks close to heart
To plan a few more photo shoots around the campus
To hold a friend who needs a hug in bad times
To share the happiness of getting placed
To enjoy that late night Maggi and Pasta
To have another group meet without much to arrive at
To participate in another competition with zeal
To appreciate weather and nature like never before
To enjoy the MBA Gyan from seniors
To be enthralled on saving that goal in BPL
To wait for that night canteen mail
To organize another toatmasters session and see people grow
To interact with juniors on variety of issues
To solve puzzles of life with intellectual friends
To learn from a batch mate while having a random talk
To relish watching shooting stars one after the another
To enjoy that morning parantha and poori after a night out
To curse that bad internet connection and yet download movies
To experience pressure and performance at the same time
To travel from Guwahati to Shillong and stop at Makhan Bhog
To discover more about myself in challenging times
To experience unconditional love of friends
To live that mundane yet fulfilling life day in day out
To celebrate a life full of experience­­­s – good and bad
To earn a few more friendships for life
To say a few unsaid sorries and appreciations
To share a few more laughs that will always remain
To experience countless memories once again, if only for once….

What would I not do to get a short go at that life again? A life, that for all its ups and downs, was the best at being new; being fresh; being challenging; being lively; being full of laughter; being full of pressure and yet, being fulfilling to the core.

This is dedicated to each and every individual with whom I have interacted at IIM Shillong. Walt Whitman wrote, “That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse”. The play of my life will go on but it has been influenced and enhanced by the contribution of every individual I have interacted with at IIMS. Having said that there will always be those who had a larger share to contribute, influence and change. Those people have left their footprints in my life and have made me feel special in their own ways. Some of these people are:

Ankita Shah, Apoorva Shukla, Chandan Gupta, Mayur Kumar Lakhmani, Nidhi Agarwal, Nimesh Nair, Neetisha Arya, Priya Agrawal, Rahul Singh, Shantanu Mital, Shubhi Bansal, Sonal Jaju, Sushil Shwetabh, Sunayna Agarwal, Swati Nidiganti, Vishal Goel, Urvashi Roongta

(Spare me if I missed some name)

My dear friends, this is for all those unsaid things, to tell you how much you all matter. Without your presence and support, these memories would not have been as beautiful as they are. Thank you for being a part of my life.


The Guy Next Door said...

Bas kar pagle...rula hi diya tune to.....

Apoorva said...

Dard me bhi ye lab muskura jaatey hain...
Beetey lamhe hume jab bhi yaad aatey hain...

Anonymous said...

Bahut lamba hai.. summary bata de

Mayur Lakhmani said...

People come People go....
Moments come Moments go...
What is left behind is always memories....
Relish and enjoy them as much as you can...
But never be sad for the past otherwise you wil never be able to enjoy the present and if you do not enjoy the present.....Sooner or later you will fall short of memories :)

Tarun Gupta said...

@Shukla: mera kaam ho gya :)
@Mayur: could not have put it better :)