Thursday, May 02, 2013

Iron Man 3 – Fighting the demons within

Enjoying an eventful ride of Iron Man 3 was a good start to movie watching in Pune. The hopes were definitely high and I was glad not to feel disappointed. With Iron man 3 serving entertainment beyond action and witty one-liners, one could not help but appreciate the fact that, time and again, Hollywood respects its audience more than Bollywood does. 

Yes, Iron Man 3 was not a Christopher-Nolan-intellectual-masterpiece. But the point is, it was never expected to be one. Even then, it does manage to fit in an idea into a thrilling piece of action entertainment. To me, that is something that gives the movie longevity; the reason for audience to appreciate it even when they are out of the cinema hall. That idea is like true love which is much more sustainable than an infatuated state of mind represented by action alone. Iron man 3, at its core, represents simple ideas such as ‘The biggest battles are raged within and it takes courage to do the right thing’, ‘Love is the most powerful weapon to fight insecurities and fear’ and ‘At times, we all need to take a break, relax and be the common man’. Ideas such as these always help in reducing the inherited disconnect that an overloaded Sci-Fi flick inevitably brings with it. One can always argue that bit and pieces of technology cannot match and are way beyond the realms of reality, but it gives me a satisfaction to know that the human part is not. The fact that superhero is not devoid of emotions such as fear, insecurity, love makes the whole deal more humane at some level.

As far as the rest of pieces are concerned, the plot was more engaging than the previous edition of Iron man series. The action was definitely intense. There was no dearth of breath taking sequences that kept one glued to the seat. This installment definitely did not perform as well as the first one in terms of wit quotient. But did not disappoint a single bit on the style. As you can expect from an Iron man movie, this one had its own share of gadgets and innovative techniques. Though there were some parts where things do seem to go over the board but it was always expected from this franchisee. Overall, Iron man 3 was an enjoyable experience. If you keep your expectations right, you will definitely have a great time watching this piece of cinema. I will go with 7.5/10 for this one.

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Suneetinder Singh Walia said...

Yaar i was positively disappointed when i saw the movie. I thought it was too long and badly developed. The plot has pot holes and the shoddy final product made those stand out. And every time i thot that the movie is going to pick up it drifted off. By trying to give it the look of pseudo-real the makers of the movie ended up makin a dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka. In the earlier movies there was no hollow pretence at making it real and they did with style and elan. That is what made Iron Man so unique. I think, despite another stellar performance by robert downey jr, the makers have missed the whole bloody point of iron man. And my favourite superhero has lost charm.